The Miles Between Me is published April 2016. Pre-order at Curbside Splendor or Amazon

"Nealie is both profound and poetic; a brilliant thinker. Reflecting on her own experience stepping from one country to another, one life to another, she writes: "Books can't really tell you how to chart your emotional terrain, how to circumnavigate the currents of loss and longing." For me, The Miles Between Me did just that. It challenges us to examine our very own heart."
—Megan Stielstra, author of Once I Was Cool

“These essays travel far—from New Zealand to Chicago to India—charting, all the way, tangled origins, colonial legacies, the intricate shadings of truth and mythology. With warmth, curiosity, and lyrical intelligence, Toni Nealie keenly parses out the very human reverberations of dispersal, rupture, unraveling, and arrival.”
—Peggy Shinner, author of You Feel So Mortal

"These lovely essays of exile and home explore the inner life—what the author calls “our internal night music.” Each piece unfolds slowly and moves to unexpected terrain, like life itself often does. This is a moving meditation on womanhood, motherhood, sisterhood, and how the self and “the other” depend on who is looking, and from which direction."
—Aviya Kushner, author of The Grammar of God

"[Toni Nealie] takes her reader through lush landscapes, gives us glimpses into life in New Zealand, and brings us directly into her home, into her garden. Her writing is evocative and meditative, asking the reader to question the world she lives in, we live in, right alongside her as she questions it."